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Bankruptcy, Solution or Problem

Bankruptcy is a legal resource involving a person or business which is unable to comply with the obligation to repay outstanding debts. In general this procedure is designed to grant the debtor a new beginning. The government has legally provided the right to file bankruptcy to those who really need it. However, filing for bankruptcy is not always an easy procedure, and you may not be aware of all the pros and cons.

Chapter 7 – is known as for liquidation , offers the opportunity to start all over. However, not all debts are eliminated, some mortgages as well as liens are not considered.

Chapter 11 – this one is the resource considered by large businesses in order to reorganize their debts to be able to continue operating.

Chapter 13 – through this procedure the debtor is committed to settle all or some of his debts during a period of time considered from three to five years.

In most states, bankruptcy is issued by a court order, It is usually the debtor who initiates the process filing an application. In some of the cases the court issues the order for liquidation procedure whether it be an insolvent business or individual.

Making a decision to file for bankruptcy is a very delicate one. It requires professional advice and great determination. You need to find out whether this alternative is the right one to take as the solution for your financial situation.

You need to be aware of other consequences when taking this option. One thing you need to consider, is that this record will remain on the credit report for ten years.

The laws have been changing, making some of the procedures more complex, it is very important that before making any decisions you thoroughly understand the benefits and disadvantages involved when you decide to go through this procedure.

Bankruptcy is not always the best solution, however, neither is exhausting your hard earned money to pay constant high interest payments, which is somehow worse. This decision could adversely affect your credit and future ability to acquire credit for other important things such as a house or an automobile.

You can be looking for a job, and your potential employer may run a credit check on you, and disregard your application based on your credit record.

A decision like this one, should be the last option to be consider. We should be proactive and exhaust every other possible alternative instead. There are ways of educating ourselves to be able to manage our personal finances in a more efficient way. We should not be slaves of a system designed to draw the last cent of your hard earned money.

With the proper knowledge and self discipline, you will be able to make better financial decisions and gain peace of mind. There are ways to achieve financial goals without ruining our credit. Just be willing to take your step and prepare yourself in order to handle every situation in a wise manner, seek the necessary wisdom, and you will see your situation turn around toward a brighter future.

Aligning Investment Banking Fees with Client Interests

As a boutique investment bank, we expend a lot of effort providing high quality advice and service to our middle-market investment bank clients. We understand the need to align our investment banking services and fees with our clients’ interests, because ultimately, we act as our clients’ advocate. Completing transactions is difficult; we need to be working together. The following is a brief primer related to investment banking fees.

Retainer A credible middle market investment bank will charge a non-refundable retainer. There are two primary reasons for the retainer: (1) it covers the time and expense incurred in preparing the client to go to market and (2) it serves as a screening mechanism to ensure that the client is committed to the transaction. This retainer may be paid as a lump sum, over time or based on achievement of certain activities associated with the transaction process. This retainer should represent a minor portion of the overall fee. Sometimes retainers or portions of retainers are credited toward the success fee.

Success Fee The success fee, representing the majority of compensation, is tied to successful completion of a transaction and is structured as a percentage of the deal size. For capital raises, a fee percentage is applied to the amount of capital raised. The fee percentage increases as one moves from raising senior debt (perceived as less risky and ranges from 1%-2%) to junior debt (more risky) to equity (perceived as most risky and ranges from 5%-10%). Some fee arrangements include an “equity kicker” in the form of warrants. The size of the deal may also influence the fee percentage; the larger the deal the smaller the percentage. For merger and acquisition services, the fee percentage is applied to the overall size of the transaction. Although many business brokers refer to the Lehman formula, few mid-market investment banks use this structure. Instead, they may quote a straight fee percentage or a performance based progressive fee, which increases based on achieving a certain valuation target. The higher the companys valuation (the more dollars the seller puts in his pocket), the higher the investment bankers fee percentage. Progressive fee arrangements provide a strong incentive for the investment banker while aligning the parties’ interests in maximizing the value of the transaction to the client’s owners.

Final Comments. As with most things in life, keep the fee arrangement simple. Haggling over unique, low probability circumstances or creating complex fee structures generally backfires. Complex arrangements tend to cause uncertainty and can result in lack of motivation and focus from the investment banker, not what the client desires. You get what you pay for. Expect to pay a reasonable, market fee. Receiving an engagement letter containing a low fee (potentially with no retainer), indicates a low level of sophistication. Conversely, an engagement letter quoting an out-of-market high fee indicates someone wanting to take advantage of a client. These are not investment bankers you want handling your important deal.

About Wilcox | Swartzwelder & Co. Wilcox Swartzwelder and Co. based in Dallas, Texas, is a boutique investment bank providing merger and acquisition services and corporate finance advisory services to middle market companies in the energy, industrial and infrastructure sector. The Firm delivers a high level of personal service, in-depth industry knowledge, rigorous transaction execution and superior results. Principals have successfully completed almost 100 transactions with aggregate value in excess of $3.6 billion.

Mr. Jason Wilcox 433 E. Las Colinas Blvd. Waterway Tower, Suite 1200 Irving, TX 75039 972-831-1300

Securities offered through Petro Growth Energy Advisors, LLC., member FINRA/SIPC.

Loan Calculator Excel Template Three Common Types

One good thing about the loan calculator excel template with compound interest formula it is able to produce a schedule for a loan repayment unlike simple online calculators which can only give you simple answers to your loan calculations. In order to do so, you need to input certain information regarding the loan repayment. The first input needed in the loan calculator excel template is the rate is interest. Next input is the amount that you have borrowed or loaned. Third input is the time period of the loan. After these inputs, you will now be able to see how much your monthly payment is.

The first on the three common loan calculator excel template is the Static Rate Old-style Loan Calculator.

This type of loan calculator excel template is mainly for studying old-style static rate of loans. Examples of static interest loans are auto loans and mortgages. With this type of loan calculator excel template, you can add up to a thousand compensation stages. The compensation occurrence is also flexible, so you dont need to worry. There will be an automated diagram that will be presented for repayment timetable purposes as well for your convenience.

The second one on the three common loan calculator excel template is the Static Rate Lump Sum Loan Calculator.

This type of excel template for loan is mainly for studying loans that involves paying a large amount of cash as completion to the loan repayment. Again, this can add up to a thousand records of compensation. The flexible attributes of this loan excel template are the compensation occurrence, repayment origin and the static rate of compensation time. Again, there will be an automated diagram that will be presented to help you study the analysis of the original borrowed amount and compensation of interest over the loan period.

The last one on the three common loan calculator excel template is the Static Rate of Interest Loan Calculator.

This loan calculator excel template is mainly used for studying the static rates of a loan. The said loan has a scheduled give time where the compensation will only suffice for the loans interest only. With this type of loan, compensation at the first phases will be a bit less. For the later part of the loan, compensation will get bigger. Since MS Excel is used in this type of loan calculator excel template, again, it can add up to a thousand records. The compensation occurrence and the loan phase, where the payments will only compensate for the loans interest, are the attributes that will be flexible. An automated diagram will also be presented to help us know the whole repayment timetable of the loan.

Business Speakers For Business Meetings

Business speakers possess the ability to stimulate their audience by sharing thoughts for improvement, an enhanced vision and stimulation to complete a common aim. Some firms require aid to build increasing enthusiasm for duties in their staff and they find expert business speakers beneficial for that purpose. Many of such speakers are proficient in a certain topic of commerce and are able to speak well on that. Subjects e.g. productivity of working team, technical progress and production can be easily covered by them. Truly expert business speakers have been skilled in holding the attention of the addressees throughout the talk. They offer thoughts to the listeners in an explicable style and therefore listeners are held by their speech.

Sometimes executives and other employees are not able to determine whether to invite a business speaker on a specific happening or not. Yet, appointing such a speaker is useful quite a lot. Functions e.g. training, seminars, employee workshops and product or service launch is an ideal moment to call a business speaker. If the lecturers are expert in new advancements in technology, or modern business techniques, she or he can make the talk more informative and the employees are impacted with the address. The lecturers can divulge their personal experiences and make the talk more interesting.

During establishment transfer too, business speakers are very of help. During the takeovers of business, the workforce faces tension at every stage. If the lecturer possesses good employee management skills, and is completely informed with human resource areas, s/he can build trust in their minds and eliminate their anxiety. If the business speaker is humorous, the stress is reduced and the workforce can be qualified and counseled about dealings.

Business speakers can also effectively motivate college or university pupils on functions conducted there. During graduation functions such a lecture is extremely advantageous for the pupils to determine what to do further. If your business is called on a university or college function, you have the option to invite a business speaker and make your event distinguished. The lecture may give you a grand break to get future employees for your company.

Truly speaking a business speaker can be invited on any program of the company. While calling the lecturer on a particular program, consider what results you long for from the address and evaluate whether you acquired the desired effect or not. Take into consideration also the cost of the orator. A bureau can help you by pointing towards only dependable speakers. They also assist in introducing and booking such lecturers. Think upon if the cost of hiring such a presenter is helpful to your establishment or not, and if it is, invite a lecturer who is the most proficient. Another use of employing a bureau for inviting an efficient business speaker is you can stay away from hiring inexperienced orators.

Every organization faces failures and confusing conditions at some or the other step. So also, every organization has at least some number of employees who are dejected by these kinds of situations. It is utmost necessary to identify their mentality and give them the apt direction, by keeping their outlook cheerful all the time. A business speaker is of a lot of help for accomplishing this purpose.

Business speakers not only possess know-how of commerce, but also of human psychology and so you will certainly experience a tremendous enhancement in your staff, if you conduct the address of Business speakers.

Different Solutions for Tax Debt Relief Austin

Often struggling business entities and professionals find themselves in a situation where due to losses in work, a medical expense that burrows heavily in their pocket or other reasons they face financial constraint and fail to pay their tax in time. Every year, there’s a fixed date deadline for filing return but many people owing to different problems don’t file their return not for one but for two, three or more years. A huge tax debt pile-up draws attention of government tax collectors like IRS who initiate action with notices for payment reminders and follow these with visits from IRS agents or collectors who can question the taxpayer or gather their bank and other financial records. Unless taxpayers take matters in hand with legal representation by tax debt relief Austin law firms, a perfectly resolvable tax case could be deemed serious enough for being taken to court as a criminal offense.

Approaching Solutions

There are many people who for instance owe certain amount in tax for 1-2 years and after the delay file return but don’t realize they are eligible for different tax deductions. The way out is to approach the part where filing the return is required carefully and with caution. Resolving tax debt can be attempted on own for a certain cap amount in the debt owed. However it’s better to hire tax professional who can evaluate the financial papers and tax history for deciding on solutions to emerge hassle-free from tax burden. Different debt plans are available and IRS offers different solutions in form of installment, waivers, extensions etc.

Debt Relief Strategies

The top strategy for dealing with pending tax which has collected to a considerable amount is initiating an agreement for installment where taxpayer pays some amount which he can afford and is approved by IRS every month for certain period. This repayment takes into account additional liabilities like the interest charged etc. Agreements like the one for partial payment allow repayment in long term at low rate. Offer-in-compromise is a program where tax is paid in lump sum but is vastly reduced to an amount agreeable to both the taxpayer and IRS. Not-currently collectible program is one where tax debt is not collected for minimum one year and more by IRS. When all solutions fail, filing bankruptcy helps save many assets from seizure or lien.

Hiring Attorney

In negotiating these solutions IRS approves only certain qualified professionals working in taxation sector, like certified public-accountants, tax attorneys and also enrolled agents. Taxpayers should check their credentials before hiring them for tax debt relief Austin services.

Reading the reviews provided by the author is one of the best ways to gain necessary information on


Phoenix Financial Planner

Phoenix Financial Planner A financial planner typically prepares financial plans for his or her clients. The kinds of services financial planners offer can vary widely. Some financial planners assess every aspect of your financial life-including saving, investments, insurance, taxes, retirement, and estate planning-and help you develop a detailed strategy or financial plan for meeting all your financial goals. Other professionals call themselves financial planners, but they may only be able to recommend that you invest in a narrow range of products and sometimes products that are not securities.

When hiring a financial planner, you should know exactly what services you need, what services the planner can deliver, and any limitations on what he or she can recommend. In addition, you should understand what services you are paying for, how much those services cost, and how the planner gets paid. Financial planners charge for their services in different ways: some charge either a fixed fee or an hourly fee for the time it takes to develop a financial plan, but do not sell investment products; some are paid by commissions on the products they sell; and others use a combination of fees and commissions.

Financial planners may come from many different educational and professional backgrounds. If you are considering using a financial planner, be sure to ask about their background. If they have a credential, ask them what it means and what they had to do to earn it.

Some financial planners have credentials like CFP certification or CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). Find out what organization issued the credential, and then contact the organization to verify whether the professional you are considering did, in fact, earn the credential and whether the professional remains in good standing with the organization. For a helpful list of various financial industry credentials (including the name of the issuing organization and any education or experience required to attain the credential), please read FINRA Understanding Investment Professional Designations.

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards also has brochures – What You Should Know About Financial Planning and Questions to Ask When Choosing a Financial Planner – that will help you identify a financial planner who is right for you.

Financial planners who give investment advice to their clients must register with the SEC or the appropriate state securities regulator. For more information about investment advisers, read the publication entitled Investment Advisers: What You Need to Know Before Choosing One.

Can we trade efficiently from Forex brokers’ mobile apps

New technology always brings newer and different ways of operating tasks we have historically got used to. For instance, in our everyday lives mobile phones are used more widely now than the historical land line. The same applies to Forex brokers. For years people have undertook Forex trading activities on PC based platforms but it seems that in the recent years, the introduction of smart phones has introduced Forex broker apps that enable users to operate their trading in the same manner but on a mobile device.

In terms of functionality, majority of Forex brokers’ apps do work quite well. They do not have a 100% replicated platform that enables traders to operate in the same manner as they would if they were on a computer. Instead, they provide the user with limited and at the same time -major’ functionality such as buying, selling, debit, credit, indicator set-up and so on. With this limited functionality, Forex trading apps may be slightly missing the point.

The reason why Forex trading with Forex brokers is easy on the PC screen is because of the room you have to view multiple charts, the full extent of functionality use and other resources that generally help traders to manage their trading account efficiently. This is not translated with mobile phone applications.

The reality is that mobile phone screens are far too small to use for market analysis. Even if the screen was large, using fingers to plot lines onto specific price areas can be difficult and time consuming. This is simply not something that professional traders can afford to lose. Time is crucial and if they react too late, they simply miss the trade.

A danger of relying on Forex brokers’ apps is loss of signal – something the user has no control of. If you are on the move and you lose signal mid-trade, there is nothing you can do about that. If you had to close the order or move your stop loss; the opportunity to do so is simply gone. Also, if you are on the move it usually means that you do not have much time. If time is not given to solid Forex market analysis then wrong ideas can be generated for a trade. The amount of free time should never be the cause of a failing trade.

Forex broker apps should only be used for one reason – keep a watchful eye on your trades. This is particularly true with long-term traders. If positions are held for a few days or even a few hours, Forex broker apps are a great way to stay in touch with the market rather than be used to enter the market. Exiting the market can perhaps be acceptable but a stop loss should be able to take care of that in any case. So, despite their pretty shell, they do not seem to bring too much benefit.


Bankruptcy Lawyer – Important Ways To Hire One

Filing for bankruptcy is something which is quite common these days. Numerous US citizens, residing in some of the major cities like Las Vegas and Winchester, who have been through bankruptcy, would advise to take the help of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to help you out in such situations. He would be the best person to guide you regarding which chapter to file under and also represent you in the process of fighting the case in a court of law.

If you are planning to hire a good and experienced bankruptcy lawyer, there are certain ways to go about doing it. Some of the ways are: :

1. Consult with your family and friends: One of the best ways to find a reliable attorney, to help you out in severe financial crisis, would be by getting in touch with your friends and family members who have already filed such cases before. They would be the best people to tell you about their experience with any specific bankruptcy lawyer. This is one the most common steps which is followed by a number of US citizens in cities like Las Vegas and Boulder City.

2. Talk with your present attorney for some referrals: Attorneys are the best people to know the experiences and skills of their fellow colleagues. They are also a reliable source of information about the various bankruptcy lawyers who are the best in their work.

3. Arrange for a meeting with a few good bankruptcy attorneys: At these meetings get to know about their knowledge on the topic and also ask about their win percentage in fighting cases such as yours. Another important thing to ask would be whether he would be dealing with your case personally or is he going to forward your case to someone else.

4. Consult the attorney whom you have decided to hire: After having decided upon whom to hire, note down all the relevant questions you have in mind on a piece of paper and ask the lawyer. Also listen carefully to what the legal adviser has to say and follow all the guidelines that he may place in front of you.

If you are looking for a reliable bankruptcy lawyer – Las Vegas and Sunrise Manor are some of the cities in US where you can hire experienced attorneys from Kupperlin Law. They are one of the best when it comes to bankruptcy related legal help. For further information visit their website .

For more insights and additional information about choosing a bankruptcy lawyer Las Vegas as well as getting a free bankruptcy consultation from an local attorney to you, please visit our web site at .

Banking Jobs – How to Get Started in Entry Level Banking Jobs

Banking is one of the safest professions you can hope to get into. Jobs are aplenty, plus, banking jobs always look impressive in the resume.

Banking is one of the fastest growing sectors with lots of scope for employment. While recent mergers between banks mean a lesser number of manager level jobs, entry level banking jobs keep opening up. The salary is good and if you are ready to take on the responsibilities that they come with, here is how you can get started.

Get a College Degree.

Some openings in entry level banking jobs might need specialized degrees. However, mostly a good college degree coupled with good math skills, people skills, a friendly nature and computer skills will more than suffice.

Get an Impressive Background

Make it clear that you are a worthy candidate and should be considered. For this all you need to do is have good credits, zero criminal record, a few good references and some work experience. Prior customer service and sales experiences will go a long way to earn you a brownie point.

Decide on What Kind of Bank you want to Work for.

You may choose from an option of regional banks and national banks. While national banks might have a better pay packet at the end of the month, regional banks will have a more intimate working atmosphere. So be sure to choose wisely according to your priorities.

Narrow Down your Search.

In the entry level banking jobs you can choose from opting for the position of a teller, specialized service personnel, mortgage loan representative, safe clerks, accountants, operation clerks and many more. Research on these positions and get one that you are most comfortable with. Now you can search for that particular opening.

Begin your Search.

Local newspapers, career websites all offer lucrative careers in banking jobs. Select one for yourself and send in your detailed resume.

Impress in your Interview

Once you get the call for an interview, you must tackle things very carefully as it is only a step away from your goal. Look and be as professional as you can. Wear formals, be presentable and arrive ten minutes early in the least. Be polite to the interview panel. If you have followed the previous steps, there is no reason why your interview shouldn’t be smooth. Remember to thank the panel for their time once the interview is over and shake hands before you leave.

Do not be impatient once the interview is over. These processes usually take some time. In all probability, your offer letter will be on its way soon enough.
If however, it does not, do not lose spirit. Take it as a practice, learn from it and you are sure to fare better in the next one. The idea is to not be demoralized. There are a number of bank jobs out there and more opening up every second. And you are bound to land your dream job fast.

How Bankruptcy Affects Loan Modification Eligibility

When a homeowner falls behind on debt and risks losing his home, filing for bankruptcy is often the first thing that comes to mind. Many think it helps increase their chances of getting mortgage aid, particularly in home loan modification. But does bankruptcy really give you an edge in negotiating with your lender, or will it only make the situation worse?

Understanding bankruptcy Being bankrupt means you’re no longer able to pay your creditors. That includes not just your mortgage, but also your credit cards, car loans, student loans, and all the other debts you currently owe. But while a home loan modification only changes your mortgage, the bank takes your total credit into account when evaluating your case. If your debt is large enough to qualify for bankruptcy, your bank may assume a home loan modification won’t do much to help.

Bankruptcy and foreclosure A number of experts say that bankruptcy is at best a delaying tactic for foreclosure. A recent study shows that about 96% of delinquent borrowers who declare bankruptcy still get foreclosed on anyway, so you may end up with both a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on your credit report. If you plan on applying for a home loan modification, try to weigh the advantages of filing for bankruptcy versus the likelihood of a foreclosure.

Costs of bankruptcy Bankruptcy may help you get rid of debt, but other costs can remain and may even go up. Check your insurance policies to make sure you won’t be charged for the bankruptcy, or that they won’t have any claims on your property or other assets afterwards. If you’re looking to save a certain amount monthly from a home loan modification, take the time to compare it with other costs and see if it makes financial sense.

Debt-to-income ratio Lenders usually evaluate home loan modification applications based on the ratio of one’s monthly income to the amount that regularly goes to debt. Generally, your total debt must not exceed 31% of your monthly income. Bankruptcy may bring your ratio down to a reasonable level, but some banks see it as a negative factor and may still turn down your application.

Credit score impact Finally, consider how a bankruptcy will affect your credit over the long term. Just like a foreclosure, a bankruptcy usually stays on record for up to 10 years and can get in the way of your future credit decisions. Assuming your home loan modification saves your home from foreclosure, the bankruptcy may affect you just as much.