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Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney- Which Is Better, Bankruptcy or Debt Settlement

When hiring an Arizona bankruptcy attorney you need to know which form of debt settlement is best for you. In this article we will talk about the difference in debt settlement and bankruptcy and which is better?

That is such a good question, and on that bankruptcy attorneys all the time. Most people facing debt problems want to do the right thing. They want to pay their debt. And if they are able to and they have the means to do it, I’d suggest they do it. But the majority clients simply don’t have the means to pay it.

But first so we’re clear on this, let me give you a brief explanation of it.

Debt settlement is when a company that takes a monthly payment from you. Typically, they will sit down and prioritize your debts and find out how much debt you have. They earn a percentage off of the debt that they settle for you and they will come up with a payment schedule for you.

Let’s say, for example, you’re going to pay them $700 a month. If you pay that $700 a month, that’s put into a savings account for you in their name. Then, once there’s a lump sum that’s sufficient to settle with your creditors, they’ll start the settlement process and of course, they’re charging for this service and they charge a percentage fee.

Say, for example, you have three credit cards that total $25,000. This is all unsecured debt, meaning there’s not a house or a car. It’s just credit card debt. The debt settlement company will tell you that they can settle the accounts for $15,000, which is 60% of the debt. And then they’ll charge you a fee of $3700, which is 15% of the total debt.

So really if you look at that, your total payment to settle your $25,000 credit card debt is actually $18,700. And then again, you’re making this $700 a month payments for 24 months or longer in order to meet this goal.

So what happens for a lot of people is even $700 is just simply too much.

And the other issue that happens is that the creditors don’t necessarily agree. These three credit card companies may not be willing to settle with you. This is not something they’ll go along with, especially if you’re employed. They’d be more inclined to simply sue you and garnishee your wages and get the amount from you that way.

The problem with the debt settlement company is, they can’t represent you in court because they’re not a law firm. So what often happens is that the majority people are half way through their debt settlement process, which means they’ve probably paid them the $3700 that they owe the debt settlement company, but they don’t have sufficient funds to settle or the credit card companies aren’t agreeing to settle and they’re facing law suits.

Now if you compare that to bankruptcy, first of all, bankruptcy is typically much less expensive. You can spend anywhere from $2500 to $3500 including all the fees in bankruptcy. Also remember the 24-month payment that you’d be looking at with debt settlement? In a chapter 7 if you qualify, you don’t make any payments on your debt.

Forex Trading – Trading Potential For the Uninitiated

Loads of money can be earned from trading in the forex market. But, forex trading should be done wisely using the right market information and trading strategy. Getting into the forex options trading and currency trading business is bound to result in great losses when an inexperienced forex trader gets caught up with the lure of profits alone without any consideration or planning for market downturns. Here are some things to consider before you get into the forex options trading and currency trading business:

1. Educate yourself on the industry that you are getting into. There are online courses that will give you a clear picture of what you are entering. Equip yourself with the basic knowledge about forex trading. Do not skip this step lest you fall into the trap of gambling away your money.

2. Assess your risk appetite. How much risk can you take without becoming too emotional about your money? The level of risk that you are willing to take will guide you in choosing the kind of trading strategy and methodology you wish to employ in forex options trading and currency trading.

3. Find a mentor. This is especially important for someone who wants to be serious in forex options trading and currency trading. While everything that is needed to know about forex trading can be learned from a number of forex trading courses, going into actual trading is a different matter. Being guided by someone who is experienced in making trades can be a good way to get started in a profitable forex trading business.

Timothy Stevens is a Forex Options Trader who owns – He has helped hundreds of people on Trading Forex with Options.

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What Are The Key Feature Of Apartment Accounting Software

Changing times and larger housing society complexes have given rise to the need for adopting strategies that are innovative and out of the box so that the work pertaining to the apartment complex is done with ease and without any errors. This sort of a function, that requires a whole lot of effort, can be easily carried out with the help of technology, the technology is best described with a society management software. The software works on keeping the records and communication of the apartment society clear, accessible and transparent. Leaving no scope for disputes. With the help of the software a whole lot of important functions may be carried out.
Some of the key features of the software include accounting features. With large sizes of apartment complexes and numerous families residing in the area, people pay various charges such as maintenance, special charges, event fees etc. All the money that is collected is done for the common good of the society and people expect to get a written record of the payment. The record is expected to be maintained in an error free and transparent manner, which means that whenever demanded, the people should be able to know how much money was collected and where and how it was spent. With the help of the society accounting software, one can not only keep records of the collections and expenses but easily maintain updates on the changes in the treasury.
One extremely beneficial feature of the apartment accounting software happens to be the speed with which the maintenance of records may be done. All one needs to do is update the numbers and all the rest is done by the system, implying that the work is done in a quick and easy manner, with the assurance that there would be no mistakes in the process of accounting. When money matters are concerned, accuracy and error free work is on most importance, if this is achieved, one may stay assured that they may be able to face queries without having to worry about anything.
When there is a clear record of all the money, allocation of fund also becomes an easy ask and the goal to be carried out may be kept realistic. If there is enough money to carry out desired jobs within the society premises, the software system informs the responsible people and the same holds true in case of less funds. The planning and execution of work within a society also gets aided by the simple yet powerful tool that comes in the form of a software
An apartment management system helps in simplifying the processes of work that are inevitable and need to be done with accuracy. When people come together for a greater cause and still need to concentrate on their own personal lives, using the software system helps them in maintaining a fine balance between both with obstructing any aspect of life.

Need Cash Till PayDay quick relief from your financial crisis

Are you in urgent need of cash to meet your uninvited expenses? If yes then you can take help from need cash till payday. This loan provides you quick financial assistance in dealing with your urgencies without facing any difficulty.

Need cash till payday is a short term loan. The amount from which you can benefit ranges from 100 to 1500 with repayment term of 2 to 4 weeks. It is good to pay back the loan amount on time to avoid late payment charges or fees. This loan comes with a number of benefits like flexible terms, easy processing, enough loan amount, no lengthy paperwork, no faxing of documents and immediate approval.

For easily approval of need cash till payday you have to fulfil its eligibility criteria that includes you should be adult with minimum age of 18 years. You should be employed with regular income of at least 1000 per month. You should possess an active checking account for smooth transaction of finances and you account should be minimum 3 months old.

You can utilize need cash till payday amount for fulfilling your short term needs like paying children education expenses, car breakdown, home renovation, sudden medical bill, purchasing gift on festivals and much more. You can freely using the loan amount, lender will not interfere in using the amount nor he restrict.

No credit check is involved in need cash till payday. Thus bad credit holders like CCJs, IVAs, bankruptcy or more can easily apply for this loan. They dont have to face any hindrance nor any hesitation for applying for this loan.

You can avail loans for bad credit by the easiest way that is by going online. By going online you dont have to leave the comfort of your home or important work in office to know the offers offered by different lender. Just by making few clicks on your mouse you will come to know about the offers with different interest rate and terms. By spending your little time in comparing the loan deals you will able to choose a best loan deal for yourself with minimal rate of interest.

How To Track Bank Account Transactions Manually

When a customer at the bank gets a hold of a statement in through the mail, the statement lists out all the transactions happened during previous month. The transactions include both incoming and outgoing, tallying up to a final sum which is indicated as the up-to-date account balance for the benefit of the customer. Without the benefit of the statement, the customer would be much more in the dark more with respect to the contents of the account. With the statement in hand the customer knows details such as the dollar value spent, the size of the income, and the present state of the account.

The fact of the matter is that this information becomes outdated almost immediately as the customer starts to use money. A simple ATM withdrawal means the account balance is not reflected in the monthly statement. The way to make sure one knows the state of finances even between statements is known as “bank reconciliation”. The device to help one do so is the checkbook register – which is simply a little sheet of paper that is used for recording transactions.

What is the importance keeping track of this money? The larger fraction of bank customers have come up against deep reasons to do so. Indeed, whenever a check is issued with a value higher than the level of money in the account, two things happen. The check may not go through incurring a bounced check fee, or the check goes through because the bank covers it temporarily triggering an overdraft fee. In both cases there is a serious negative consequence.

The types of transactions are many. Monthly car payments by way of check can result in a penalty if there are not enough funds on the day the payment is being cashed.

Personal checkbook registers impedes the rotten luck of such errors occuring. For people who have trouble managing their finances but also find maintaining a checkbook register too burdensome, there are electronic alternatives which are faster and easier to use. These are merely calculator-like devices that can easily be carried around. They have special entry keys for the different kinds of transactions one might encounter related to the checking account.

Very recently the U.S. Senate implemented a series of consumer-friendly finance rules relating to how banks charge overdraft fees (this fee is incurred whenever a bank steps in and pads a customer’s account whether or not the customer wants it). Basically a bank must ask a customer to opt-in to their overdraft fee program. However, the flip side is that without the overdraft fee, checks will bounce and cause other kinds of trouble. Therefore, it is still best to keep finances in check with devices like the checkbook register.


Excessive Credit Card Debt

Most people advocate the case of credit cards, quoting the benefits and convenience that arises from them. However, there is another group/line-of-thought that strongly opposes credit cards. The reason being Excessive Credit Card Debt’, which is one of the most serious problems faced by the credit card holders and credit card industry. However, you can’t pull the shutters on the credit card industry just because of a few irresponsible people (or even if it’s more than few). That is not a solution for beating excessive credit card debt. Moreover, you can’t overlook the benefits associated with the credit cards.

The issue of excessive credit card debt can be looked at from 2 angles. First is addressing of the excessive credit card debt problem at the industry level and second is the addressing of the excessive credit card debt problem at the individual’s level i.e. at the credit card holder level. The first method involves increasing awareness of the excessive credit card debt problem to the masses. This is more or less being done currently too. However, there should also be an effort to tackle this problem of excessive credit card debt at an even deeper level. This means trying to devise a mechanism to nip the problem (of excessive credit card debt) in the bud. This mechanism should actually be a part of the overall system. A lot of thought needs to go into devising such a mechanism. Case studies should be taken up, statistics gathered and a proper forum formed (with representatives from the credit card holders and from the credit card suppliers). As of now, the credit card suppliers just seem to be engaged in coming out with new products and getting customers enrolled to those products. There is little attention paid towards addressing the problem of excessive credit card debt in the real sense. Something like attending mandatory seminars on the root causes of excessive credit card debt could be made part of the credit card application process.

Another way of dealing with the problem of excessive credit card debt could be: developing a system for calculation of applicable credit card limit at the individual level i.e. no standard/product-based credit limits. Then there could be mechanisms for proactively warning the users about excessive credit card debt (based on their credit card usage) or even imposition of early restrictions on noticing the first signs that lead to excessive credit card debt.

At the individual’s level, the treatment of the problem of excessive credit card debt would include following of best practices (on credit card usage and avoidance of excessive credit card debt) by the individuals themselves. A checklist or a set of questions could be provided to individuals for recognising the first signs of excessive credit card debt.

So, the problem of excessive credit card debt can surely be dealt with by putting together some serious thinking at a broader level together with discipline at the individual’s level.

Federal Student Loan Default Stop Garnishment With A Settlement

Stop Student Loan Garnishment with Settlements!

Are you currently debating whether or not you should pay off your federal student loans? What’s the matter? Collectors demanding too much or won’t budge on letting you pay anything shy of the ENTIRE balance? Maybe you don’t have all your money put together yet, or the collectors are giving you a deadline you can’t meet then threatening garnishment if you can’t meet the deadline? Whatever the case, everyone is entitled to pay off their loans with a settlement! As mentioned in some of my other articles, there are 3 settlement options available to you right off the bat! I’ll briefly explain the difference to you below.

Obviously the purpose of a settlement is so you can get your defaulted federal student loans paid off, without having to pay the entire thing. So basically, it’s a partial pay-off. As mentioned everywhere there are 3 basic settlement options available to you as soon as your federal student loans fall into default.

Curious about the PROS and CONS of each option?

Option #1 Principle and Interest
In my opinion there is absolutely NO BENEFIT going with this option. As a matter of fact, I think this option is ridiculously stupid and it’s only available for collectors to take advantage of people that are unaware of their options to have them pay MORE than what they really need to pay!

Option #2 Principle and 50% interest
This option for settlement works especially well for individuals who racked up a great deal of interest. Regardless of how much you owe in interest, this option will cut your interest in half. Basically meaning if you racked up 10 years worth of interest, this option will allow you to pay-off your loan(s) by paying back your principle and 5 years worth of interest.

Option #3 90% of Principle and Interest
This last option allows you to pay back 90% of your loan’s combined principle and interest otherwise known as a 10% discount. This option works especially well for individuals who don’t owe a significant amount of interest. For example if have a defaulted federal student loan and you owed a $25,000 principle plus $2,000 in interest. That gives you a combined principle and interest of $27,000 ($25,000+$2,000). Now take 10% off of $27,000 and that gives you a settlement pay-off in the amount of $24,300, which is $700 LESS than the principle!


What is a forbidden compromise?

What documents will I need to pay the minimum amount?

My Tax return got seized, can I use that for the settlement?

Can my wage garnishment payments be used for a settlement?

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How to File for Bankruptcy.

If you feel like you’re wallowing in debt, you may be wondering how to file for bankruptcy inMemphis. Here are 6 steps that you should take to help you work through the process and get your bankruptcy discharged as quickly as possible: Get Educated 2>

Before you start the filing process, you need to do some research. Learn everything you can about bankruptcy. You should know what the benefits would be to filing and what the disadvantages to applying would be. Know exactly what to expect, so you can be assured that this is the right option for you and your circumstances. Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

Before proceeding any further, it’s time to speak with your attorney. Find someone who specializes in bankruptcies and has had plenty of experience in this field. Find a few bankruptcy attorneys in your area and schedule aninitial consultation with each one. Take the time to discuss your situation and determine which bankruptcy attorney will be the bestperson for you to work withthroughoutthe process. Prepare Your Petition

Your attorney will help you to create your petition. You should prepare your pay stubs, tax returns, credit report, property appraisal, and other information that will be helpful to create the petition. Once the petition has been completed, review it. Make sure that all of your personal information is correct, and review your debts to make sure that all of them are listed. Any debts that are missing will cost you extra to add down the road, so it’s important to make sure that they are all included upfront. Complete Credit Counseling

Credit counseling typically lasts 45-90 minutes. It can be completed online, over the phone, or in person. You just have to make sure that you choose one that is approved by the courts. During your visit with a credit counselor, you’ll review your situation and your debts. Together, you’ll make sure that bankruptcy is the right option for you. You can ask any questions that you may still have about the process and how a bankruptcy will affect you. The credit counselor will also advise you on what you can do to start rebuilding your credit, so you can start improving your credit score right away. File Your Case

When you’re ready, work with your attorney to file your case. Make sure that everything is included. Your attorney will help you understand when to file and other details that will help you make sure that everything works in your favor. Once you’ve filed your case, you should no longer have to worry about your creditors harassing you.

When your case is filed, the courts will assign a trustee to meet with you. This person will be your liaison with the courts. Meet with Trustee

You’ll schedule a meeting with a trustee 30-45 days after filing your case. The meeting will be attended by you, the trustee, your attorney, and any creditors who would like to attend. During the meeting, you’ll discuss your repayment plan and go over issues with particular creditors who have been fighting the bankruptcy. Once the meeting is over, you’ll start working on the repayment plan.

If you have any other questions about how to file for bankruptcy inMemphis, don’t hesitate to contact your attorney. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will be able to walk you through the process and help you with all of the necessary paperwork. Your attorney will be present every step of the way to make sure that your bankruptcy is handled properly and gets discharged as quickly as possible.

Forex Webmaster Tools

In forex affiliate marketing, in general you often need to give your affiliate marketing efforts a push. If you are an affiliate promoting forex, you need to move beyond the usual banners and text links. This is where forex webmaster tools come into play in order to give your efforts that much needed push.
Why forex webmaster tools?
Simply because they engage the audience/site traffic and also help in influencing the prospective visitor to convert to a forex trader. We take a brief look into the most widely available forex webmaster tools which are easy for you to implement.
Live Currency Rates: This is usually a flash or a java module with an easy to use cut and paste code to get it working on your website. This graphic tool is a good way to offer the present currency rates in real-time. You can choose between the currency pairs you wish to keep a tab on or think is relevant to the market/region you are promoting to. The chart looks great, especially when the rates change and does its bit to not only keep the visitor occupied but also help in forex trader conversions.
Currency Charts: There are many of these available. The candlestick charts are one of the most popular type of analysis and forex traders would often be interested in this module. The currency chart however isnt a tool to attract new forex traders but is more targeted towards the seasoned trader and gives you a good opportunity to influence the visitor to switching to a different forex trading platform.

Live Indices: The live index is a very informative tool that helps you to keep tab on the world indices and gives a brief insight into the trading patterns. This is again often helpful to convert both new and seasoned forex traders.
Currency Convertor: One of the most basic interactive tool that one could get for their website, dealing with forex trading. Although given how common this tool is available, you wont get much leverage by having this module on your website but at times it helps the visitor stay on your site.
Most forex webmaster programs offer such tools for you to promote. We recommend the following forex webmaster programs that gives the forex webmaster the option to use such interactive tools.
eToro: Virtual Salesperson, Traders Challenge leaderboard, Currency Pairs, Market News, Popular Trade, Forex Charts and Economic Calendar.
Affiliateyard: Quotes/Charts, Economic Calendars
ReferForex: Live Currency rates, Pivot Calculator.

Importance Of Accounting Information System (ais) For Running Business Successfully

An accounting information system (AIS) is a system that first collects and stores data and then processes it into information used by investors, creditors, and managers. An accounting information system provides accurate and timely financial information for internal management purposes. This information generated from an AIS can ultimately help decision makers to manage organizations more efficiently. The term AIS is most commonly referred to as a complex computer-based system combining the resources and capability of information technology with traditional accounting methods and controls. It can also integrate and fulfill departmental and company-wide objectives.

An Accounting Information Systems are composed of 6 main components:

Software: application that processes the data
Internal controls and security measures: what is implemented to safeguard the data
Data: data that is related to the organization and its business processes
People: users who operate on the systems
Information technology infrastructure: the actual physical devices and systems that allows the AIS to operate and perform its functions
Procedures and instructions: processes involved in collecting, managing and storing the data.

When an AIS is implemented, organizations sometimes makes the mistake of not considering each of these six components and treating them equally in the implementation process. This results in a system being “built 3 times” rather than once because the initial system is not developed to meet the requirements of the company, the organization then tries to get the system work and ultimately, the organization begins again, following the right procedure so that they can be benefited from AIS and then gain huge profits.

Improving the Flow of Work

Improving the flow of work in every department of an organization often gets boosted by the implementation of an accounting information system. Departments outside of accounting must understand how critical information is processed through the company’s internal financial information system for many reasons. Source documents such as invoices, purchase orders, employee expense reports, time cards for payroll input and asset acquisition forms-must all find their way from the originator to the accounting department.

Depending upon the software, the AIS requires a information for different parts of the process be manually input into the system. This often determines the flow of work of other departments in related processing financial data.

Advantages of Accounting Information System (AIS)

1.A big advantage of accounting information systems is that they automate the reporting. Reporting is an important tool for companies when they want to see accurate summarized, timely information which is used for financial reporting.

2.The accounting information system retrieves data from the centralized database, processes and transforms it and generates a summary of that data as information that can now be easily used and analyzed by business analysts, supervisors or other decision makers.

3.No need to conciliate financial and cost profits.

4.The probability of error is less because recording takes place in one set of accounts.

5.No confusion arises from different stock valuations and methods of depreciation and profits.

6.Information generated on an integrated system is quicker, thus helping management in decision making.

Many organizations don’t spends the amount of time and money on the analysis, design, documentation, and training, and move into software selection and implementation. It is a proven fact that if a detailed requirements analysis is performed with proper time being spent on the analysis, that the implementation and ongoing support will be minimal. Organizations who skips the steps necessary to ensure that the system meets the needs of the organization are often left with low profits, frustrated end users, costly support and information that is not current or correct.