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Why Outsource Non-profit Accounting

There are challenges and rewards in being part of the non-profit industry. As an organization that gives its profits away, you are part of the greater good, and that is very rewarding. However, you are still a business, and as such have to deal with the logistics of standard business practices and accounting. Non-profit accounting can be exceptionally challenging because of the public scrutiny that all non-profit organizations face.


Accounting is most certainly a challenge for non-profit organizations because of the impetus on them to save as much money on operating costs as they possibly can. This usually means making do with a low number of staff and then asking those few staff members to do jobs at which they are not experienced. Accounting is usually one of these jobs. Non-profit accounting is left to a single member of a small staff who, even if knowledgeable, becomes quickly overwhelmed and misses important things. In an organization where transparency is key, this is a huge issue.


One of the biggest challenges within non-profit accounting is taxation. Taxation must be done, even by those non-profits with special tax-exempt status, or charitable organizations. The fact of the exemptions just makes the processes more complicated and full of different regulations that also make the job of your account more difficult. Any problems with reporting and the special status, as well as the credibility of the organization, is lost.


The best solution is to consider the money spent on hiring an accounting firm specializing in non-profit accounting as an investment. It is a good idea to leave this important aspect in the hands of professionals because of the two reasons mentioned above. Non-profits and charities are responsible for public money and so must be transparent, and mistakes are very likely to be made when something this important is left with inexperienced or overwhelmed staff.


Experience is another reason to hire an accounting firm that specializes in non-profit accounting. You want an expert helping you. Accountants understand the ins and outs of financial reporting, taxation, and audits better than anyone. They can see that you are in compliance with every regulation, and they are prepared for changes when they come. Look carefully at the accounting firm that you hire to see that they work regularly with non-profit organizations and will work for you. They should know specifically about issues affecting you, and they should work with you. A firm that knows non-profits can also help and advise you on all the financial and non-financial concerns that will affect your bottom-line, such as hiring senior staff and choosing board members.

You may think that, as a non-profit organization, it would be irresponsible to outsource your accounting, but in fact, it is a very profitable thing to do. The non-profit accounting specialists understand how to make your organization more cost-effective, and become better managed, which will result in greater compliance, less problems, stronger confidence and therefore more donations.

How do I repair my credit after bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can greatly impair your credit. However, it is not irreparable. You can take steps to recover it and achieve healthier credit scores. Start with the basics until you develop the habit of maintaining a good standing.

Here are some tips to get you back on your feet:

Ask for your credit reports and check for any inconsistency

It is bad enough that your bankruptcy will stay on your record for 10 years so you must take steps to make sure that your financial reports do not have any more bad news for your creditors. The report may contain inconsistencies and even false entries so asking for a copy and examining it yourself would help you verify its accuracy. Monitoring activities affecting your credit score would also increase your awareness on your spending and borrowing and spending habits. If you are aware of your financial activities, you may modify some practices to ensure that you only incur debts which you can afford to pay so you can avoid similar problems in the future.

Make diligent payments to your nine-bankruptcy accounts and current creditors

These payments can help repair your credit score and negate some of the bad items in your report. The same way, you should pay your current creditors of your debt on time so you can avoid adding more bad credits.

Decrease your credit card balances and be cautious in applying for a new line

A low balance on your MasterCard or Visa can improve your score. Being careful in applying for new credit will help regulate your incurrence of debt. If you regulate the amount of your debt it would be easier for you to pay them on time. Also, if you always apply for it and most of the time you are denied, it can look bad on your record and cause creditors to be wary of you.

Secured Personal Loan for Debt Consolidation

With a view to remove all debt by merging them and correcting the bad credit score one can go for the options like secured personal loans. There can be numerous reasons to land in a bad credit position, but when it comes to finding financing which will allow to consolidate these debts in the hopes of finding more affordability at the present time, there may be few options available for certain men and women in a bad credit debt situation. p>

Secured personal loans have been the most used method of paying off bad credit debt it helps to combine multiple debts and interest rates into one loan. This makes it more affordable since only one monthly payment will be required. Moreover, many secured personal loans charge lower interest rate than credit cards.

Usually credit card debts are the most common but it should be borne in mind that consolidated loans can be problematic for some as sometimes it works out more expensive than repaying debt separately. However, for some consolidation has proven beneficial because of formulation of repayment plans and erasing credit card debts or other forms of bad credit debt separately, as these smaller amounts can be easier to erase in one large lump sum.

Nevertheless, there are few who are in a bad situation and can’t afford the costs of meeting various debt obligations separately, or may only be able to meet minimum payments, which could extend the repayment lifetime on their debt and cause costs to increase as well.

So, it is imperative to conduct proper research to find the best path for you as an individual as, what works for some might not work for others. One should be cautious about using collateral, like a home, for a secured personal loan to consolidate debt, as failure to repay this loan could result in the loss of one’s house.

Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta BSP Is An Outstanding Leader

Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta BSP presently represents the Bahujan Samaj Party in the Rajya Sabha as the National General Secretary. He has been an integral part of the Indian political system for a long period of time. He entered into Indian politics as Mayor of Lucknow in the year 1993. He has since been striving, supporting and aiding for bringing about important changes in all aspects of economic as well as social life. He has been successfully leading various campaigns under his regime for social causes like civil rights, education, upliftment and empowerment of women, expansion of economic self reliance, building religious and ethnic amity, development of sports, industrialization etc. He was recognized as one of the youngest Mayors of the world. Dr. Gupta was elected as a Member of Parliament in November, 1996 and has since been re-elected for the period November, 2002 to November, 2008. He then joined the Bahujan Samaj Party as its National General Secretary. He was re-elected to Rajya Sabha in November 2008 for the third time consecutively. He has served as Minister of State in the Ministry of Steel; Govt. of India from 2006 to 2008.

All through these years, Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta BSP has been working hard to make India a progressive nation by preserving its morals and ideals. He has held important political positions as a Member of Parliament both in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. He is the son of Late Banarasi Das,a freedom fighter who is widely recognized to have campaigned to obtain political independence. He was ex-chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and was instrumental in uplifting the map of the state by bringing and obtaining new dimensions of development and growth. Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta has established himself as a worthy son of his illustrious father. Following his mentorship, Dr. Gupta has won people’s faith and love by supporting quality education and adopting democratic and economic agendas.

Recently, certain negative elements tried to float news about Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta bank frauds but that was found to be baseless. Dr. Gupta is a living example of pride and honor. He has served as Ex-Chairman, UPCC Traders’ Cell in 1986-87; Ex-Joint Secretary, UPCC; Ex-General Secretary, UPCC; Ex-Secretary, Congress Parliamentary Party and Member, AICC. He has also been associated with National Level Apex Advisory and Statutory Bodies. He has been a member of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). He makes significant efforts towards development of economy by working for the welfare of the socially weaker sections of the society. His implementations in the arena of work and life have been magnificent.

Forex Trading Online Day Trading Mistakes To Avoid

Many people who do forex trading online love the concept of day trading due to the high leverages hoping that they will be able to get some quick returns. Whereas day trading can be a good strategy, it can result into massive losses if its not conducted with discipline and knowledge on its dynamics. Here are the common mistakes that a lot of day traders make and end up making big losses.

Prepositioning for news

Major news is known to move the market only that the direction is never known in advance.

Most traders normally anticipate the direction of market movement and position their trades accordingly. This is a poor practice as the trader will end up making losses should the markets move in the opposite direction upon the release of the news.

Trading immediately after the news is released

News events are known to cause whipsaw like action in the financial markets. This is because there is no liquidity and the news reports havent been thoroughly assessed. At this point, the market is moving aggressively in both directions and taking positions at this time without a solid trading plan to buffer you from making losses can be very detrimental to your trades.

Averaging down

Many day traders like to average down when they realize that they have a losing position.

This will not only waste time but money as well. Instead of holding onto a losing position by averaging down, you need to close the position and stick to the ones that are doing well. Besides, disciplined traders know how to stick to their trading plans and there is no need to average down if it was not part your trading strategy.

Risking a lot of capital

Many day traders think that excessive risk is equivalent to excessive returns. They therefore end up risking a large amount of their capital hoping that they will make large sums of money during the day trades. The results are always the opposite. It is advisable that you do not risk more than 1% of your capital. This implies that the difference between your entry and stop points should never exceed one percent of your total account. Adopting this will ensure that you manage your risks effectively and avoid losing a lot of money in a single trade or a single day trading.

Unrealistic expectations

A lot of people who do forex trading online are victims of unrealistic expectations. They set up trades hoping to make a lot of money and in the process, they fail to watch the markets and conduct a thorough market analysis before executing their trades. To be effective in day trading, one must learn to isolate expectations and emotions from the trading plans.

Need To Get Student Loan Assistance Allow A Debt Relief Company Aid You

People who are struggling with debt from student loans may get help from a reliable debt relief company. These companies provide valuable resources and can assist deal with student loan debt issues.

How will these firms help people decrease their monthly debt repayments?

These firms have the ability to offer individuals the best student loan consolidation programs to repay debt in a more efficient and organized manner. Debt consolidation means that the bills from all lenders are combined into one simple monthly payment. This saves people the trouble of needing to keep track of making countless payments to different sources. The best student loan consolidation programs can even minimize monthly payment rates up to 50 percent.

Will these student loan relief companies also help an individual become qualified once again to get financial aid?

Along with providing student loan help, these firms might even have the ability to restore an individual’s eligibility to obtain financial assistance again if they wish to return to school. An individual who has student loan debt may become eligible to receive this type of funding if they can prove that they are enlisted in a secure debt repayment program.

Does joining in a settlement program improve a person’s credit score?

Agencies specializing in student loan assistance may greatly improve a person’s credit score in as little as 90 days. These firms also have the ability to have the formidable i9 mark eliminated from a credit report. Having the i9 mark on a credit report can make it almost unachievable to qualify for any other loans or credit lines.

Are certain loan providers okay with forgiving student loans?

Although it might appear like a faraway hope, loan providers forgiving student loans is certainly a reality in some cases. Federal programs offering student loans could forgive or even erase certain loans from their records under certain circumstances.

Could these debt relief agencies also put an end to intimidating phone calls and letters from collectors?

These firms can put an end to this kind of nuisance almost immediately. Enrolling in a solid repayment program could show these collectors that the student loan amounts are in the process of being paid back in a timely way.

When Do You Pay Cash Or Finance A Fishing Boat

The following article presents the very latest information on when you should pay cash for a fishing boat or finance it. If you have a particular interest in how you can afford to pay for the fishing boat of your choice, then this informative article is required reading.

Knowledge can give you a real advantage. To make sure you’re fully informed about when you should by a boat, keep reading.

Of course you already know the answer to the title of this article. It’s when you have enough cash. Here’s a little advice to go along with the obvious. Before you go out and purchase your boat, remember that boating is a hobby and you shouldn’t go overboard with it. Unlike your house, boating isn’t really worth going into debt for.

To get the most out of your boat, it’s always a better idea to simply save up for a while. If you don’t want to wait that long, there are viable alternatives online to earn the money to actually pay cash for the boat of your choice. I’m not talking about some internet scam. I’m talking about a real way to put your computer to work and spend some time taking advantage of one of the hottest moneymaking activities online. In the meantime, you should carefully study the boating market. When you manage to get a hold of the required amount of cash, go ahead and buy the fishing boat you want.

Whatever you do, make sure you’ve carefully thought out what your expenses are going to be. You don’t want to spend all of your money on just the boat itself. When you purchase the boat, you’ll need to have enough money for taxes, registration, storage, towing insurance, gas, equipment, and even minor repairs if your boat requires them.

When buying a fishing boat, used or new, cash is always better than financing. And you can save money with cash, as there are no finance charges. Financing charges can get high, very high in fact if you don’t know a lot about it.

For some people who have financed a boat purchase, they were advised to use a home equity loan. I mean after all it’s tax deductible right? I wouldn’t recommend that at all. You wouldn’t want to put yourself in a situation where you could possibly lose your home. Always be on the lookout for boat show financing too. Never use it! There are boat show financing ploys that will extend a loan out over the course of 10 – 15 years. That’s just ridiculous!

Sometimes it’s tough to sort out all the details related to whether you should finance a boat or pay cash for it, but I’m positive you’ll have no trouble making sense of the information presented above.

Choosing An Expert Naperville Accounting Professional

Handling accounts of any company is never going to be a small task. Thus it is important that you hire a good Naperville accounting firm who can be helpful for you in many ways possible.

Checking accounts and maintaining it well is surely going to be a demanding and time consuming task for all the business owners. But then it at the same time will also help in knowing where you company actually stands when you finances are concerned. With this you will also know the right method and way by which you can easily plan many of the things ahead. In all such cases you will at times things that you can hire an accountant or a Naperville accounting firm for the same. But then in such cases you always have to be assured of their capabilities first. This means they should be well able to put with the responsibilities and complete all the accounting work assigned.

This is mainly because if they even happen to pass one incorrect entry in books of accounts then it will cause drastic errors in the further calculations. With this chances are high that you will face some serious troubles which could otherwise be avoided. Rather it is suggested that you do some good research and then hire a Naperville accounting firm who can easily handle all your accounts and thus help maintain them without making any type of errors. The major benefit of hiring some good Naperville accounting firm is that the staff is thoroughly professional and also expert in all of their work.

They will help maintain all the records of the profit and loss statement and will also help you have all of your accounts well set and clear. With this you will know the liquidity in the business and will also know how much return on the investment you can get. You will also know the finances available in your business which you further use for expansion or then for investments in the business. These Naperville accounting firms will also help you in drafting payrolls, handling of balance sheets; maintain the tax records and also filing taxes at times.

The time you start with your selection of this Naperville accounting firm you should remember to be very careful. This means that you should not retain those who do not have the right degrees because this will just not be worth at all. You will have no benefits when you do so in any which way possible. Rather it is suggested that you take a close look at too many aspects and only then pick on the one who is simply good and an expert too.



1 . World War III will slowly start from November,2010, and bacteriological and chemical weapons will be used. One of the famous astrologists predicted that economic problems in 2010 will grow. Many large companies will declare bankruptcy. This will cause hunger, religious and ethnical conflicts, and ecological problems. Global warming will greatly damage agriculture.

2. Russia will suffer from a wave of earthquakes. One of them will destroy a huge building.. 3. Nostradamus had predicted the usage of nuclear weapon in the World War

3. He have mentioned about the nuclear plants and the nuclear missiles that will destroy the world and the mankind.

4. Third World War will be preceded by an unprecedented increase in large-scale natural calamities all over the world like big earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, famines etc. Localized wars, revolutions, political disturbances and large scale terrorist attacks will increase. Assassinations of high profile leaders will take place and tensions between various countries will rise. The economies of various countries will be severely affected, leading to unemployment or inflation. The actual war would be of a short duration but is said to be several times more destructive in terms of the cost of human lives and property than all the previous world wars taken together.


6 .India will produce the immortal ruler, Seeing wisdom and power of unlimited scope, Asia will bow before this conquering scholar. Nostradamus is making it clear that the conqueror will be a Hindu from South India. He will bind Asia together under his rule. The Hindu leader will win over the communists by persuading them of the timeless varieties of Hinduism. Russia will become India’s ally.ACCORDING TO -‘KALAGNANAM -‘ BY POTULURI VIRABRAHMENDRA SWAMI, THE NAME OF THE IMMORTAL RULER IS LORD SHIVA(THE DESTRUTOR OR THE RECREATER)

7.Meanwhile, NOSTRADAMUS predicts, after furious warfare, the Moslems will be totally wiped out. There will be no trace left of either Mecca or Medina. The creed of Muhammad will vanish forever.

The empire of Islam by Hindus overthrown, The majority of Moslems will succumb, To radio-active fall-out by India blown, Making Muhammad forever silent and numb. Interestingly, in his prose-introduction to the “Centuries”, the seer dwells at some length on the destruction of Islam and Mecca. The city will be smashed up in such a way that all those who enter it will sicken and

die. Intrestingly, even Islamic texts predict doom in the 15th century of their religion.

8. The Pope will fly from his lair. Much of Europe will repudiate the false tenets of Christianity. The Bible-chanting clergy dies. The ancient sway of Hinduism will be restored. Vedic chants will again fill the air..

9. New political and economic theories will start to form, and they will drastically change the future. People will forget about NEWTON AND EINSTEIN.

10. New robots-androids will appear and will be introduced to day-to-day life. Households will use robots to help with chores.

11. Scientific evidence of the existence of soul will be discovered..

12. The UFO mystery will be solved, and our planet will be visited by guests from other planets..

13. Solar activity will drop..

14. A very bright, previously unknown comet will appear and coincide with the time of great geological troubles, with earthquakes and volcanoes erupting and disrupting weather systems. This will cause widespread famines, droughts, and social upheavals in unexpected places. Nations that are considered prosperous and powerful, particularly western nations, will be weakened.


16. There will appear so vast a plague that more than two thirds of the world will fail and decay.


18.SOLAR ACTIVITY WILL disrupt communication and power grids.

19. A large bird will fly over the USA, Satan himself will lay a bomb, and people will cry bloody tears.


.21..THE world will begin new after the World War 3 and the peace will the restored.ACCORDING TO MAYAN CALENDER PRESENT WORLD WILL END ,BY THE END OF 2012 AND NEW WORLD(NEW EVOLUTION OF LIFE ) WILL START ON EARTH FROM THEN.

According to Potuluri Vira Brahmendra swamy, the Basavanna (stone nandi) of Yaganti will come alive and shout when Kali Yuga ends- NANDI IS THE VEHICLE FOR SHIVA.

In the -Brahma-Vaivarta Purana-, Lord Krishna tells Ganga Devi that a Golden Age will come in the Kali Yuga – one of the four stages of development that the world goes through as part of the cycle of eras, as described in Hindu scriptures. Lord Krishna predicted that this Golden Age will start 5,000 years after the beginning of the Kali Yuga, and will last for 10,000 years.EVEN IN -‘KALAGNANAM” IT IS WRITTEN THAT GOLDEN AGE (SATYA YUGA) WIL START 5000 YEARS AFTER THE BEGINNING OF KALIYUGA. Mayan Prophecy Matches Hindu Prophecy. It is amazing that both calendars began at about the same time over 5,000 years ago and both calendars predict a totally new world and/or golden age after about 5,000 years into their calendars.




Reasons Why People Take A Loan

There are loads of types of loans out there. It can be divided into three categories which is secured, unsecured and demand. A secured loan is a loan where you must mortgage some of your assets such as house or car in order for you to be eligible for the loan. Unsecured loan is a loan where you do not have to put anything under assurance. There are many types of unsecured loans, bank overdrafts, corporate bonds, credit card debt and the most common one is the personal loan. Demand loan is usually a short term loan where it does not have a fixed date to repay it except it carries a floating interest.

There are a lot of reasons why people take a loan. It can be because of emergency cases such as accident, medical emergency or pending bills. Most people take personal loans to cover up other loans such as credit card debt. Personal loans are often chosen because of their low interest rates. Most credit card company now offers an interest rate of around 30% while personal loan’s interest rate can be as low as 8%!

Loans are usually taken to buy cars, house or shops. Some people will choose to buy their car either by loan or installments. Preparing your dream home is expensive. You wouldn’t want to stay in an empty house only. Therefore, people take up loan to first, buy the house, furniture, paint and to the contractor! Pending bills such as electric bills, phone bills and credit card debt are one of the most common reasons why people take up loan, to cover other loans!

Many people take up loans to invest in their future. Invest in the future means your education or business. Studying abroad is not a very cheap thing. Million or millions are needed for education from primary to tertiary level. The last reason is because of the holiday getaways. Everyone definitely needs a break from the busy city-life and work. However, many people do not take the required break due to insufficient money. Any low interest or personal loan can bring them straightaway to their wished destination!